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The more things change...

It's the 2nd of August again. One whole year gone since last summer and this blog's last post.

"Shorter of breath, one day closer to death."
- Pink Floyd, "Time" - the existentialist rockstars

I could write about how much has changed within the past year... however, the doom and gloom that pervades our society (especially through politics and the news media) has made us cynical. Instead, let's take a positive look at a few good things that haven't changed.

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Introducing & Ashor

Hi, and thanks for reading. I've finally built a simple site I like, and now I can finally get around to writing a blog. I've had tons of stuff to write about, but just never got around to creating my site. ...I'm a perfectionist. That, and I have a lot of work to do. Mostly self-inflicted.

My blog is mostly going to revolve projects I create, challenges I face, neat stuff that happens to me, perhaps some rants... and who knows what else? This site is going to evolve over time, so I can't imagine what it'll look like too far into the future.

It's long past time to finish a bunch of projects on my backlog. This is my summer of doing.

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